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About Doug and Leslie Gustafson, MFT's

As writers, speakers, therapists and coaches, our mission centers on working with men, women and couples who want a more fulfilling life by living out their true vision and passion. We have written the book Amazing Intimacy - Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom as a how to guide for love, sex and passion. Ultimately, we all have an incredible potential we have only partially discovered and fulfilled. This brief journey in life gives us the opportunity to realize and pursue this exciting potential.

No Other God

“‘Is there any God besides Me?…I know of none.’”…Isaiah 44:8 God declares that He Himself has no equal. There are no other substitutes. No one is worthy of worship except Him…and Him alone. This reality is life changing, if truly … Continue reading

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The Crucible of Marriage – Are You Good For One Another?

Crucible. Reminds you of chemistry class where you get to experiment with all kinds of liquids, stirring them together until you come up with a new solution. A new product. Forming a new whole. Sometimes a combustible whole. All in … Continue reading

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The Power of an Integrated Life – 5 Leadership Skills that Transform Work and Home

Too often we think of creating success in leadership and success in the home as separate skill sets. Leaders arrive at home with the intent of changing their mindset and somehow defining themselves differently with their wives and family. As … Continue reading

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Marriage or a Life – Can You Have Both?

Have you grown up? Have you achieved a level of individuality where you inhabit your strengths, celebrate your uniqueness and take pride in your personality? One of the most important themes in all our lives centers on whether or not­ … Continue reading

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Talking to God

But when you pray, go into your inner room…                 Matthew 6:6 The wonder of prayer is that God wants us to talk to Him at all. Yet His desire to fellowship with … Continue reading

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The Heart Of Our Savior

“Come to Me, all who are weary”… Matthew 11:28, 29 Nothing touches the human heart more profoundly than the invitations of God. He calls on us, hoping we will hear him. And what is most remarkable is that He extends … Continue reading

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Surgery of the Heart – Reflections on the Life I’ve Been Given

What a year. Last year, this time, I nearly died – or at least, was about to. As I reflect on my recent heart surgery, here at Christmas time a year ago, I am struck by so many thoughts and … Continue reading

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