The world swirls around us and we respond. To circumstances, to challenges and to places we get stuck – needing to find our way out and through to the other side. That other side, defining it and getting there, can be most interesting and if we move through the vast moments of life in a way that moves us to higher ground, we have grown as men. We hopefully have become better men. More adept at creating a better life, with more to offer, where we stand tall in the midst of flames and shadows, above mediocrity and into a style that some might call great.

Finding this higher ground comes, for most, by trial and error. We seldom grow up hearing wisdom from our fathers or others around us that spell out the secrets of being men – men alive and successful. Or that gives us a clear path down fertile roads that help us love better, to live more fully and to know the paths we take give us pride and satisfaction – convinced we’ve made a true difference.

So join me in exploring thoughts and insights into defining ourselves as men with greater clarity and in finding ways to make our journey alive with purpose, passion and even intrigue. Join me in my pursuit of how to be a better man.

Doug Gustafson is a personal development and leadership coach for men who want to discover and realize their true potential to succeed and make a difference.

Picture of Doug

Doug Gustafson
Personal Development and Leadership Coach


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