No Other God

“‘Is there any God besides Me?…I know of none.'”…Isaiah 44:8

God declares that He Himself has no equal. There are no other substitutes. No one is worthy of worship except Him…and Him alone. This reality is life changing, if truly embraced. We think, feel and act differently when we acknowledge God as the only true source of meaning.

Life presents each of us with an ongoing menu of ways to live more effectively and happily. When one option is exhausted, we simply move on to another until we die. And sadly enough, our Lord and Savior is put on the menu as just one more possibility. Yet God refuses to be part of a list of potential remedies for the stresses of life. God states that He alone is the only menu, the only resource, the only source of meaning.

Jesus died on the cross because only God could supply the remedy for sin. Jesus rose from the dead as proof that only God can provide an ongoing life that never ceases to be remarkable. And Jesus walks as a risen Lord that…”we too might walk in newness of life.” No wonder God boldly declares Himself to be sovereign, establishing Himself as the only definition of true meaning in life.

Ultimately, we must declare Him to be the only King in our lives. And this is the point of true Christianity, when we surrender our being to the living God in a way that acknowledges one simple truth…He alone exists as the only source of real purpose and dignity in life. When we truly believe that God stands alone as the giver of life, then He gently pulls us so close that we breath His air, feels His pulse and exist in the shade of His precious hands. It is here that we proclaim, “There is no God besides Him- no, not one!”



About Doug and Leslie Gustafson, MFT's

As writers, speakers, therapists and coaches, our mission centers on working with men, women and couples who want a more fulfilling life by living out their true vision and passion. We have written the book Amazing Intimacy - Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom as a how to guide for love, sex and passion. Ultimately, we all have an incredible potential we have only partially discovered and fulfilled. This brief journey in life gives us the opportunity to realize and pursue this exciting potential.
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